If You New Better, You’d Do Better??

Now you know, he knew better than to walk out the house looking like this.
Now you know, he knew better than to walk out the house looking like this.
I can’t for the life of my figure out why the phrase “If you knew better, You’d do better” irks the shit out of me, I know it’s one of those sayings that people say when giving advice when not trying to sound judgemental, kind of like asking “Dog you went in her raw”?; which has nothing to do with this post but it sounded good rolling off the tongue.

Oh where was I, oh yeah back to the lecture at hand I can’t understand why I cringe whenever I hear this saying, I guess because it implies that if the person really knew better they probably would make better decisions and to be truthful I disagree with that.

You see just because a person knows better doesn’t necessarily mean they will make good decisions/choices, how many people do you know that perhaps come from a privileged background or a two parent household where you know they were taught right from wrong but grow up to do stupid shit that contradicts they’re up bringing? Things like selling dope or committing crimes.

These people aren’t innocent victims that didn’t know better that were led astray by someone who has power over them, no they are people who are sometimes of above average intelligence that are too smart for their own good that are fully aware of what’s right and wrong but purposefully choose to the wrong thing.

Even some preachers who really should know and do better fail to use the common sense that the lord blessed them with, instead of leading his flock they are laying hands on, having private bible studies with women of the church and sticking their hands in the collection plate.

Instead I think that if a person wanted to do better they would do better, knowing better doesn’t mean anything if you don’t want to or committ to doing better. It seems people have no problems in doing frivously things i.e going out and partying but somehow come up short in doing the important things like paying bills, or going to work. Remember successful people became successful by commiting to that sole purpose and making the sacrifices needed to reach their goal.

Let’s stop letting ourselves and others off the hook by thinking that all we need is the know how to do better and nothing else and everything will fall into place without scarficies and a little blood sweat and tears.

I myself can admit to being a victim of this kind of thining in the past , while wishing for greener pastures but wasn’t willing to roll up my sleeves to make things happen. What about you?

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One thought on “If You New Better, You’d Do Better??

  1. OMG _ I think I missed every word and had to re-read this like 4 times. can’t get over the picture. OMG My poor bleeding eyes…
    I DO beieve in know better do better but that is because I believe in people and refuse to undermine their intelligence. Having said that, the picture above is making a mockery of my stance. Womp Womp Womp

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