New Artist Wednesday.

The other night while flipping between Hawaii 5-0 and VH1 Soul, I stumbled on a video by a fairly new artist from the UK by the name of Daley. To say that I was captivated by the song Alone Together would be an understatement.

Upon first seeing the video; which features the lovely Marsha Ambrosius, I immediately thought that it was Marsha’s song. The reason being, when I saw Daley, I thought he was an extra in the video because it sounds like Marsha is singing the whole song. After my initial shock that a male was also singing, I fell in love with the song and also decided to research more about Daley. Believe you me when I say the boy is bad.

So because the song changed my life, I wanted to shine some light on more new and upcoming artists. Some may not be widely known in the states or known to mainstream or top 40 radio, but make the kind of soul music and R&B that makes you come alive.

1. Daley – All I can say is this cat is the real deal who makes the kind of R&B that the mainstream radio stations here in America seem to shy away from.

2. Bluey Robinson – This is another Uk artist who’s also a real singer that doesn’t need studio tricks or a guest appearance from the new wack rapper of the month.

3. BJ The Chicago Kid – If you are familiar with the whole Topp Dogg Entertainment (Kendrick Lamar, AB-Soul, Schoolboy Q and Jay Rock) then you have heard BJ The Chicago Kid drop soulful hooks for TDE.

4. Jhene Aiko – Another frequent TDE collaborator, Jhene got her start with Chris Stokes, who helped guide Immature and B2K to stardom.

5. Yahzarah – An independent artist out of Washington, DC whose videos I’ve posted onto the Facebook fan page. (!/cornerpolitics1)

6. Snuhgie Stocks – Snuhgie is another independent artist from DC.

These are just a couple of new artists that I like, did I miss anybody else? What new artists are you feeling?

Talk to me, I’ll talk back.


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