A Change Is Going To Come!

Me and you, yo mama and your cousin to.
Me and you, yo mama and your cousin to.

I’m sure you are by now aware of the change in the page layout, if you remember back in December I told you all that 2013 was going to bring some big changes to Corner Politics, well the page layout is one and I am happy to let you all know that there will be another writer that will be contributing to Corner Politics. 

Mr. Brett Holiday, one of my best friends who is a fellow Gemini and lives in Atlanta (so that makes 4 of us) and is one of the few people I wouldn’t mind going to war with is a welcomed addition to Corner Politics.  Is also the ying to my yang and after reading his posts you will see that he is the more sensible of us while I am the shit talking wild card.  I like to think that he and I are the Outkast of blogging with him being more Andre and me being mor Big Boi

Just to give you a little history on how Corner Politics came about, Brett Holiday, myself and another friend of ours while we were all living in Athens, GA use to call ‘Round table discussions” (which I touched on in the Why Men are Better Friends  Than Men post) whenever something needed to be discussed.  If someone was in the wrong we would all talk about it, if someone needed someone to lean on we would all be each other’s crutch.  And we would all get together to just talk good ol fashion shit about any and everything.

Well I have moved from GA and traveled the world, literally before settling in Maryland, we all still keep in touch Brett Holiday and I more so than our other friend.  Brett and I talk on the regular and one of our main topics is not forgetting friends, I mean what’s the point if you are winning and your team isn’t winning with you. every time Brett and I talk we always say that if some was to may it big the others would never be forgotten.

Well I haven’t made it big but I haven’t forgotten my friends and as a matter of fact Brett and I were going to start another joint blog but because of family issues that popped up on Brett’s end I was left to carry the torch and plant the flag for us on my own. 

Well Brett is back in the fold and I am happy to say that the family problems have been resolved , so please be on the look out for future post’s by my good friend Brett Holiday.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what’s to come for Corner Politics. Be on the look out for the new additions and changes that will help propel us to the top.


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