Why Men Are Better Friends Than Women

What do you mean, y'all use to call my girl hoover before she and I met?  Well I appreciate your honesty.
What do you mean, y’all use to call my girl hoover before she and I met? Well I appreciate your honesty.
After conducting extensive research, collecting data and making charts and shit I’ve come to the conclusion that men are better friends than women, whether the friend is a man or a woman.

You see, men are better because of our straight forwardness. This can be a good or bad thing. Because most of us lack a filter and have yet to distinguish the difference between giving advice to our home boys and to our women friends, we may hurt our play sister’s feelings without meaning to; but we do so in earnest. On the other hand, women tend to base the advice and opinions they give their friends off of how to avoid hurting the person that’s asking feelings.

When a man gives advice, it’s normally with the cut to the bone, no holds barred truth. Because of our lack of a sensitivity in this area, our advice – while with the best intentions – can sometimes cause hurt feelings to those that are sensitive and may cause our friends to be mad at us for a while because of how brutal the honesty is, but normally after letting our words sink in, they appreciate the honesty.

Another reason why men are better friends is that we don’t co-sign everything our boys do, and if we feel the he is f*cking up, whether it’s in his relationships or personal life, we’ll straight up tell him he is f*cking up, sometimes without even hearing the other party’s side.

Most women would be surprised to know just how much we hold our home boys accountable for their actions, especially if we feel he has a good woman that he needs to bend over backwards (if need be) to straighten up and do what he is supposed to do to keep her. Again, if he’s f*cking up, i.e homie you are acting real dumb, you better keep your d*ck in your pants before you lose the best thing to happen to you.

If we feel our home boys are treading water in their professional or personal lives but complains endlessly without trying to do better; in addition to physically slapping him on the back of his head Fred G. Sanford style, we will verbally slap him with a little verbal motivation sometimes to the point where someone may want to throw fisticuffs. Two of my home boys and I have what we call “roundtable meetings” when something needs to be discussed, someone needs to clear the air or if we feel one of us is messing up we get together to air any grievances and to get advice

Some of the women that I know tend to take the cautious approach when giving advice because they don’t want to hurt their friends feelings. Instead they choose to bite their tongue instead of giving their friends the “real truth” they need to hear. Also they tend to take their girlfriend’s side in everything, especially if they are having relationship issues, i.e. “it’s not that she is a crazy ass clingy b*tch that scares every man who she meets away, it’s always the man that can’t deal with a strong and aggressive woman”.

What do you think, are men better men better friends than men or am I just being biased?

Talk to me, I’ll talk back.


8 thoughts on “Why Men Are Better Friends Than Women

  1. I wouldn’t say men are better friends. They may be able to give women good advice from the male perspective. Which most women take would a grain of salt because we may not like the delivery. When i go to my women friends i want someone to listen and to be a sounding board, not give me a guide book to what I should be doing. I know what I should be doing I’m just not ready to do it yet, so just listen to me complain for a few and vent and keep it monving.

  2. I would say many men are better friends than women. Many men suffer from many of the same flaws that make many women not better friends than men, however. Candor is an important element in being a good friend, but that candor has to have some level of compassion attached to it for it to demonstrate love. Men are generally more straightforward than women, especially when one evaluates the typical man’s language. The typical man’s communication/language is usually less nuanced than a woman’s. Since we’re both men, we have to be conscious that our maleness can cause us to have conscious and unconscious biases on this topic. Good topic selection!

  3. LOL!!! I love how you said after gathering research and making chart and sh*t! LOL. Guys are straight forward, but so are women! I think this is a gender nuetral topic.

    1. CANDY CANE! The last time I saw you was on the back of a Milk Carton, anyways you said women are straightforward as well, if that’s the case how often are you straightforward with your friends?

  4. Delivery is important for both genders and in life period. You can say anything you want to someone but its in all in the way that you say it. Telling me I’m an asshole after I’ve already admitted to doing something wrong is not helpful in anyway, male or female. I think men can give women a male perspective, absolutely but does that make them “better” friends, no. Personally I can barely have a male friend but that is another topic for another blog post.

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