Hip Hop Trivia Night!

For those of you that live in the DC area why don’t you come out and try your hand at Hip Hop Trivia Wendesday 2/20, hosted by my sister Sasha Ryan, I’ll be the score keeper. It’s not for the faint of heart, we get rowdy, about as rowdy as a gremlin that has been fed after midnight.

Wednesday Get Over The Hump with Hip Hop Trivia Night!!!! Please join me your host Sasha Ryan at The True Hip Hop Bar, 1920DC!!! Sign up begins at 7PM and the first round starts at 8:15PM and the second round begins at 9:15PM. … You are in for a treat this time because there will be no teams. Every man is for themselves. Individual will challenge individual. To stay on the throne you have to get the most answers correct out of five. Even those that get knocked off the throne can come back and challenge for the entire round. All willing and wanting to play will be added back on the list in order until everyone gets to play. The person with the most correct answers from each round will be declared the Ruler of Hip Hop Trivia Night. A Gift Certifiacte worth $50 dollars will be given to the 1 winner of round 1 and 2!!! Gift Certificate can be used at 1920DC….you can buy the bar that night or save if for other times!!!
Place: 1920 9th St, NW Washington, DC Drink Specials: All Night: $5 Jeremiah Weed and Jameson Happy Hour 4-7pm: $4 Heinekens and $5 Illmatic Iced Teas

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