Where You Can Find Me.

The only place you can get stock tips and baby wipes.
The only place you can get stock tips and baby wipes.
There are a few places that are sacred to African-Americans; places where you can connect and reconnect with people, learn the latest happenings in the street, news, fashion and insight. These places are just as important as the Taj Mahal, Stonehenge, and even the White House, and while they aren’t national landmarks, they are corner-stones of the black community.

What are these places? Well, I’m glad you asked, because here is a list of places that African Americans hold in high esteem and you can find a large number of us religiously.

The Corner

The Corner has been home to many African-Americans – particularly males. The corner is the one-stop-shop; it’s a cable station, rest area, bar, lounge and all you can buy store. You can find out the latest neighborhood news, hang with your people’s for a while, have a drink (as long as it’s in a brown paper bag), and depending on what your shopping needs are, you can get everything from clothing to drugs.

The Black barbershop

Now, the black barbershop is the black man’s country club; where a man can kick his feet up, watch the game, speak his mind, and you don’t even have to be in the need of a cut to go to a black barbershop. In the black barbershop you can find out the latest news, buy anything you are in need of and didn’t even know you were in need of, (things like incense, dvd’s, cd’s and what looks like real jewelry) learn the latest fashion, watch and learn how to play checkers and hear straight with no chaser shit talking by real people.

The Black Salon
The black hair salon is for women, what the black barbershop is for men. Yes, the primary purpose is to get your hair done; but it’s also the place to catch up on all the latest gossip, run in to folks, and do your incense, clothes, jewlery, and bootleg dvd and cd shopping. It’s a place to connect with folks from the community and find out what really going on.

The Black church

The Black Church, the corner-stone of the black community, the one place where gangbangers, dope dealers, dead beat parents, 9 to 5 employees and white-collar people meet at the same time. The one place where time is thrown out the window, because everybody knows you can be in a Black church anywhere from an hour and a half to four hours depending on what church and what Sunday you decide to go. Oh and don’t let it be the Pastor’s anniversary or the 1st sunday of the month, you won’t be getting out of church before 1 o’clock. If America only knew that some of the greatest minds were molded in the black church, America would start recruiting black church goers instead of ivy league college graduates.

Your grandmother’s house (grandparents house)

If you have ever been to a black person’s grandparents house, then you were probably greeted with the warmest smile you have ever seen, a hot plate of homecooked food, pictures of Martin Luther King Jr., John F. Kennedy and the sight of a big wooden fork, spoon and maybe a knife hanging on the wall. And don’t forget the plastic covered furniture (you better not sit on the non covered part!). While both grandparents may be alive, the grandparents house is always known as grandmother’s house for some reason.

These are just a couple of places that I can think of where a large number of African-Americans hangout. Did I miss any? Can you think of any?

Talk to me, I’ll talk back.


3 thoughts on “Where You Can Find Me.

  1. Sir –

    I can understand your desire for people to see your posts, but, I have now had to create a Gmail filter to direct Facebook notifications from you directly to the trash. (I have also done so for a serial poster named ‘Luther S-roc Smith’ as well.)

    An occasional post (like once a month) is one thing, but your posts are wayyy too frequent.

    These posts are also not what I would consider to be relevant to the Hip Hop Trivia page.

    I will join your Facebook page, as I would like to support you. I do wish you luck and will continue to check you out.


    1. I do apologize for that, we are a new blog and we are trying to get the word out as much as possible, I never meant to turn you off. I do thank you for checking us out and commenting, we do hope that you will continue to follow us and comment. Please spread the word to people that you know that read blogs.

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