Do You Really Want To Know?

What do you mean I have a bad weave?  I just asked you how this hat looks.
What do you mean I have a bad weave? I just asked you how this hat looks.
Have you ever been asked for your opinion on something, only to hurt the feelings of the person who asked? Either you were just a sh*tty friend who went for the jugular, or the answer that you gave wasn’t what the person who was asking was looking for; basically “The Truth” hurts – so addictive.

So why do people ask questions they clearly don’t want to know the answer to -unless it’s the answer they are looking for? Are they looking for assurance, confirmation, or maybe they need their ego stroked.

Fellas, how many times has your signficant other asked you whether the pants they were wearing made their ass look fat? Knowing the right answer could be the difference between you spending the rest of the evening with a bottle of Jergens lotion or you being her thermometer – say ahhhhhh.

Ladies, what about your significant other feeling his self a little too much and asking you if he is the best you ever had? Knowing the answer you give him could possibly cause his ego to shrink quicker than Precious?

What are the ways that you combat any situations that could lead to both of you appearing on Cops or Judge Judy? I know that some people when asked give a disclaimer: I can tell you the truth or I can tell you what you want to hear. Some might ask “do you really want to know the truth”, some tell the truth and hope for the best, and then some go the asshole route and just ignore the question all together.

Have you ever asked questions you really didn’t want to know the answer too, or maybe you wanted a specific answer, but the one you received was too much for you? And what do you think about those that ask these questions repeatedly? How do you deal with them?

Talk to me, I’ll talk back.


8 thoughts on “Do You Really Want To Know?

  1. Say what you mean and mean what you say..Dont ask questions you dont want the ans to and all that good jazz. Sure the truth hurt sometimes but it can also make you/the person better. When seeking the truth obtain it from genuine,positive people that you know have your best intrest at heart.
    Asking Shaniqua who claims to be your friend but throwing Shade on the low might not be your best bet.
    If my mate cant be honest with me then I need to re-evaluate what we have. Men lie/tell have truth because women ask then when their honest go on pussy strike!! How a person do anything is how they do everything.. so if your truthful even when it hurts we have

    1. Cont’.. something at least halfway solid.
      My bestfriend is a guy and his ass is brutally honest,so much so there have been times when I had to get off the phone or leave a room to cool off.. But in the end I “Always” go back and thank him.
      When people love you they want the best for you. Yeah some people can be mean,calculating,malicious or downright envious and say things out of spite… Hopefully you know the difference when seeking a honest and genuine opinion.

      1. Lastly after a while you get to know a persons personality and can decipher how they recieve the truth.. For me its like seeing a ugly baby you just nod,smile and try to change the subject. Learn to pick your battles. I dont condone lieing but with sometimes its a necessary evil. With true friends I give it to them like I want to recieve it…”Straight with no chasers”…

    2. I’m a firm believer in don’t ask questions you don’t want to know the answer to but I believe some people have an inflated sense of their worth that they expect everybody to think like them.

      Yes I hate when people ask these questions, but what gets me is some people know they are sensitive and hope to hear a particular answer and yet they still ask.

  2. i am of the love the truth team. i do want the truth when i ask a question and i expect people to want the truth when they ask me something… that being said i am of the firm belief that truth is beautiful it is not a weapon to be wielded in a way that assures the most blood lost, it is not composed of ninja stars to throw at an enemy. it is the light. truth sets people free, lets true understanding occur etc… there are a million ways to say the same thing… i have no idea how many words are in english but i know that telling the truth may hurt but it doesn’t have to go for the kill. if people are more mindful of HOW they say the truth then the truth wouldn’t have such a bad rap.

    1. I think some people that are envious and spiteful aren’t aware of their spitefulness, they think they are being the best friend that they could be by putting themselves in the shoes of the person that is asking. While this is a good thing to do, it can also be the worst thing to do.

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