Ice Loves Coco???

Just call me Dr. Frankenstein, because you know I used the best parts to build my best creation yet.
Just call me Dr. Frankenstein, because you know I used the best parts to build my best creation yet.
Say it aint so Ice, say it aint so! Apparently even the OG’s aren’t immune to catching a fade every now and then, just like the rest of us.

The latest OG to catch such a fade is no other than Tracy Marrow aka Ice-T; who thanks to the bionic woman (you know he picked the finest parts out there to build) Coco, is on the embarrassing end of a couple of scandalous pictures that she took with a little known rapper from Oakland CA by the name of AP.9 With rumors of her infidelity, with the look of these pictures, who would be surprised?

Now, for those that aren’t in the know, this is about as devastating as the Fat Boys breaking up. Not only is Ice-T probably the only other man besides Hugh Hefner that most men under certain circumstances, like being duct tapped to a chair while being questioned under bright flood lights, would admit to having a man crush on. His street and gang ties are notorious throughout the streets of L.A. more so than most studio gangster rappers now days, not to mention he used to be a true to life pimp – you can catch him chopping it up with real street pimps in the HBO documentary Pimps up Hoes down.

So now that you know Ice-T’s background, you see how perplexing it is to understand how a man who has lived a lifestyle that most men would dream about, obviously knows women, (One of my aunts said that she would could never be pimped unless she was in Ic-T’s stable) and was married to Darlene could get caught with egg on his face.

I mean even after all these years, his street rep still holds weight, to the point that some wild youngins from L.A. are talking about taking it to the streets on the behalf of the OG.

Now, I can only imagine that maybe Ice is tired of being a player and is looking to settle down. Why else would he marry someone who he probably knew was messing around and look past her faults.

This is head scratching, and I can’t help but think that maybe Ice-T’s pimp instincts haven’t completely died down. I can imagine Ice-T not only letting another man sleep with Coco if asked, but telling her to make sure she does it good while still having that mind control over her (you know the Jedi Mind tricks and shit).

Or maybe I’m wrong and he really loves her and karma just caught up to him. I’m sure even he knows better than most that what goes around comes around and every player gets played on at some point in this life.

While I hate to see the OG look foolish, maybe it’s just the way of life; the sun rises and sets, the big eat the little, and maybe even players get played.

What do you think, is Ice-T looking like a fool or he really in love with someone who cheated on him – not unlike some regular married couples?

Talk to me, I’ll talk back.


9 thoughts on “Ice Loves Coco???

    1. Yeah those pictures were really bad and apparently there are some other pictures that the two of them took together that Ap.9 is shopping around, while bragging that he slept with her.

    2. I’ve read comments on other websites and you can tell those that were commenting were young, by saying things like he needs to save face by sleeping with her sister or someone that’s badder?? What are we in middle school, on some I’m going to get you back type ish?

  1. and the world keeps spinning… that’s my thoughts… i am of the belief that you do harm you get hurt… not always in the same form but it comes back.. from the gun slinging to drug dealing to pimping to breaking darlene’s heart… she wanted to be married but instead he chilled with her making her his bottom bitch for like 15yrs then dropped her ass… hmpf… if coco cheated she’s not the first to cheat on her man and ice is not the first to get burned… always remember you can’t stay the baddest forever…

    i low key feel like im talking in sweet pimp (the phrase i coined for men that speak directly to emotions while keeping theirs hidden but not appearing cold) and laying out the game for you yougins…

    now either they are gonna fix what’s broken and stay together or not but i do not have the patience for any deon and pilar style divorce mess… no sir

  2. I think hes in love and still being judged by who he was. I feel that people can change and wait for ittttttt you can make someone who used to be a housewife. In any case were all imperfect and as my homeboy say women been decieving men since the beginning of time.. Eve getting Adam to eat the apple and all

  3. Phone died..cont’ … Now to drive home what you said about him knowing women, love can make you blind and does his OG status make him less human?. I think that Coco and Ice are real people with real problems and the point of lessons are to learn from them. If nothing more we learned even the best players can be played. All that aside their married and I dont care who he used to be I hope that they can work it out because society can be brutal

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