Reality Shows, Hate Them/Love Them???

This is how I look when I think of something Important to say
This is how I look when I think of something Important to say
Haven’t you heard there is a war going on as we speak, lines have been drawn, petitions have been signed and Spike Lee is in rare form. What is this war I speak of? The war between movies and television that so-called set us back, the people who support them and Spike Lee who hate them.

Reality Shows either you watch them with one eye covered claiming there beneath you or you will cut someone if there isn’t room left on your DVR to tape them. Shows ranging from Love and Hip Hop any city, Real Housewives of Atlanta and new shows Sisterhood and the black version of the Brady Bunch Shawty Lo’s (btw I saw the trailer for the show and besides the million of things I could say all I’m going to say is his babies mamas all look umm unique) All My Babies Mamas either seem to be the Ratchets (yeah I know, I know) pet and the reading ninja’s regret

So why is there so much back and forth about these shows, they are just entertainment nothing more nothing less, or are they? You would swear Rob Parker and Spike Lee were claiming opposite sets, deuce here. (damn Ray Ray is that your car) Hell Django got Spike Lee feeling sprightly again, I wouldn’t be surprised if Spike Lee got back to his early Spike Lee joints days just so that he could Bullhorn Quentin Tarantino

While we could blame the network executives that don’t look like us, nor have our best interest in mind that give these shows the green light I wont, you want to know why? Good I’m glad you ask. Even if these shows weren’t on TV you know some of us can be some Grade A n*ggas, Shawty Lo would still be populating Atlanta public schools, Tami Roland would still be hopping over the table to slap bitches and Lil Scrappy would still be putting his paws on yall even without a show.

To keep it one hundred thousand trillion I don’t blame Shawty Lo and others after all they are just being them and whether we like it or not that’s probably how they live off the camera as well, basically if Oxygen wanted to pay me to pay me, I’ll cash their checks.

I can understand why people are up in arms about how we are portrayed on these shows being that only the most ratchet (I know, I know there I go using it again) is what’s shown, as if that’s how we all live.

Ever since the late 80’s and early 90’s there haven’t been too many shows that featured more than a token black guy/girl that we could be proud of, all we have these days are talentless reality starts, high-class Jump offs (Scandal) or thug #1. Tyler Perry called himself trying to show us in a positive light with his 2 shows on TBS but true to Tyler Perry form some consider his shows to be just as worse.

Are these shows as bad as the nay sayers say they are or are people reading too much into it? Do you watch any reality shows and if so do you car what all the fuss is about?

Talk to me, I’ll talk back.

20 thoughts on “Reality Shows, Hate Them/Love Them???

  1. If folks want to want them, more power too ’em. Frankly, I’m indifferent toward any of the shows expect T.I. & Tiny, and that’s only because it does show some sort of familial dynamic. But to the larger point, the shows keep getting made because there is a part of society that keeps watching. Probably because of the impeding trainwreckish quality, but watching nontheless.

    1. I don’t have a problem with reality shows, while I do have my opinion, I am secure in who I am that I know that these shows don’t represent me.

      I don’t watch them except for “The Association” on NBA TV, I have seen a couple of episodes of a few with my girl but that’s the extent of my reality show watching.

      I do agree with you that some people watch it just for the “impeding trainwreckish”, kind of like lining up to watch the Tittanic sink, but like I said with or without the show that’s how some of them live anyway, why not get paid for it, right?

  2. i don’t watch scripted reality shows but i do watch true to life shows like: first 48, gangland, i should have died, locked up abroad, snapped, 1,000 ways to die, pawn stars etc… i have never watched a housewife or a jersey shore or whatever else is out there…. i’m just not interested in watching people act the hell up… i’ve watched myself act up for years…lol

    i don’t care what other people watch, tv is entertainment and we are not all going to be entertained by the same thing… ppl spend so much energy trying to get everyone into their box… just let ppl be…

  3. Before reality shows opinions were already formed about blacks,no matter how good/bad we do as a whole our stereotype is loud,ignorant,ghetto,and messy. Some are if your not why does it matter that others think because their going to think it regardless. We tend to point out the worse in each other. Lets highlight some positive:Shorty Lo have 11 kids: He take care of them,spend time with them,and his baby mothers seem to have some structure. I know men who have 6 that welfare is taking care of and wont pay childsupport. Did Octomon not have a slew of kids,Jon and Kate,that basketball player?!! Yes the housewifes are messy but those black women are wealthy,have some value of family,and theyre trying to better themselves. Did those white women on the Housewives of Orange County not argue,gossip,lie and fight.
    BLACK people just dont support each other and make evwrything an issue of color when the picture is soooo much bigger.

    1. I am going to throw some shade and clock the tea in saying Shawty Lo taste in women is…..Intresting….. He defiently know how to pickem…lol

      1. Lol.. lmao.. I wish I could see your facial expression when u said She know that “thang” dont have the snap it used to…

      1. Were all unique. I dont have children, am educated,work, and have my own but hell sometimes I like to take shots,listen to Playa Fly/Scarface,and RickRoss while smoking black and milds!!! F***em’.. Ill drive myself crazy worrying about what others think.

  4. I think part of problem is balance. The majority of the time you see black people on tv they are acting a complete damn fool, not to say those Mob Wives aren’t either but you can flip to any other channel on the tv and see a progressive white person being portrayed as a sane individual .I was listening to NPR one day and they were discussing the Homer Simpson image. Basically some folks were in an uproar about the “dumb fat husband” stigma that quite a few tv shows have been portrayed over a span of years( The Honeymooners, Roseanne, King of Queens…). The host of show stated that people don’t feel recognized if they do not see an image of themselves on tv or in the media. Which brings me to the fact of black women on these reality shows representing us, whether it is being done intentionally or not.

    1. One thing also is eventhough some choose to act a fool for their 15 minutes of fame, I am not mad at all reality stars, IMO they are just being them but being paid for it and in front of a camera. Whatever your opinion is of Shawty Lo is do you really think that he is more or less what your opinion is outside the camera. While these people are just living their lives these are the one’s they choose to show on TV as oppose to something else.

  5. Many of these shows are an embarrasment to the Black race. No matter how we look at it they do represent us to some degree. The problem is that we dont have the more postive images to balance them out. It is not that we need to get rid of them, but we need to produce more positives images in our community and the media.

  6. I am still scratching my head and wondering…. Why call these shows “wife” shows and more than half of the cast are unmarried? I guess “Wifey” would be a better term.

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