Get The F&ck Out Of Here, It Aint That Serious!

No no, I said those pants make your arse look phat not fat!
No no, I said those pants make your arse look phat not fat!
Boy and his pregnant girlfriend make plans to go to strip aerobics lamaze classes, you know, because it’s still important to be sexy and fit while learning how to breath during child birth. A month out, as the time gets closer, boy forgets and makes plans to go to a strip club so that he can watch the “shoe models” model 6 inch heels that his pregnant girlfriend might like.

The day of, as he is leaving work with a shoe horn and pocket full of one’s in his pocket, his pregnant girfriend calls to see if he’s left yet since they are supposed to be at the strip aerobics lamaze class in 15 mintues. Of course boy has forgotten and tells his girlfriend that he forgot, that he is sorry and is on his way. Of course the mother-to-be is beyond upset, but doesn’t want to get too worked up.

Once he gets home, she is waiting with a duffle bag in hand and has the bubble guts look on her face, and despite his tardiness she just wants to go. As they arrive a total of 10 minutes late and miss the other mothers- and fathers-to-be talking about saving for college and which pole each mother is going to use (this is after all strip aerobics as well as a lamaze class, the class begins.

Fast forward an hour and class is over. As boy and pregnant girlfriend get into the car, she starts fussing about his lateness and how she really wanted to use, the pole in the center of the room because it makes her feel like Tupac (All Eyez On Me). Boy tries to apologize, making up some excuse because he didn’t want to tell her that he was late because he was thinking of her and 6-inch platinum colored heels, and points out that even though they arrived after the class was supposed to start, the class didn’t start on time, and besides each pole is as good as the next. By this time she’s not having it and could care less about his apology and just wants to understand how he could be late.

To which boy asks under his breath will knowing why he was late make a motherf%cking difference, it aint that serious since they still arrived on time for the class. Girl hears this and mumbles under breath “I knew I should’ve dated Shawty Lo, he’s fertile and I had a chance to star on a reality show.”

Was the fact that they were 10 minutes that serious or was it blown out porpotion?

Talk to me, I’ll talk back.



9 thoughts on “Get The F&ck Out Of Here, It Aint That Serious!

  1. 1.) She’s pregnant. Case closed. Whether it is serious or not, it may be blown out of proportion.

    2.) If the class is 30 minutes, then being 10 minutes late is an issue. If the class is an hour, then you probably haven’t missed much. Whatever is clever, she has a right to be upset but not too upset to the point of blowing a casket.

    So, this is all pretty much blown out of proportion.

    1. I know people that are gifted even talented when it comes to being late and their s/o knew this going on. My father was in the military so being on time is big to me but within reason, if you let me know you are going to be late it will ease some of my frustration since you we’re courteous enough to let me know beforehand but I might still give someone the side eye. I don’t understand how knowing the reason will make a big difference.

  2. Serious!!! Its the principal. To be late(in my opinion) is to show a lack of respect for someone elses time. Granted things come up,but if a person is consistently late and forgetful then they need to evaluate how important what we have are. Women(not all) dont argue/fuss to hear themselves but to get an understanding.

      1. Yes as I stated things happen,but at least give me the courtesy of calling. Its one of my pet peeves and I am clear about that. If someone is consistently late I simply refuse to do things with them. I respect others time and want the same courtesy extended.

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