What Was Said In 2012, Needs To Stay In 2012.

I wonder how long it took them to think of the title, I hope they don't mind me using it for the name of my next post.
I wonder how long it took them to think of the title, I hope they don’t mind me using it for the name of my next post.
So a new year is upon us, and a new year means changes, hopefully for the better. These changes mean leaving 2012 things in 2012, and some of these things happen to be words and phrases that should just not be carried over into 2013, IMO. Here are a few phrases and words that not only should be left in last year, but also irked the shit out of me whenever I heard them in 2012. Now I’m probably showing my age, but here are some phrases that should be left in past.


While I don’t really have beef with this phrase, what I do have a problem with is the fact that “you only live once” has been said since the begining of time and now all of a sudden this generation’s knock off Al. B Sure, Drake, wants to trademark it. GTFOH.

You ain’t ’bout that life.

I still don’t fully know what the hell this means. Does it mean you don’t know about it because you aren’t in the know?? Or that those that do it are better than you? So many questions, so many answers. I can picture Kanye West telling Jay-Z that he isn’t ’bout that life because he doesn’t wear kilts/skirts.

Get your life.

Just like “you ain’t ’bout that life,” I’m not sure exactly what this means, but yet once again I can picture Kanye West telling someone “dog you ain’t wearing blouses?” Get your life.


Can someone please tell me how the name of a tool became the new ghetto? And thanks to your cousin and them, Philip and Emmanuel Hudson, ratchet has gone mainstream in the form of drag.

Fiscal Cliff

Apparently, neither the the Senate nor the House of Representatives have our, the American people’s, best interest in mind because if they did a deal would have been reached months ago. But regardless of whether they reach an agreement or not, I don’t ever want to hear the term Fiscal Cliff again. Call it something else, I don’t care.

Turnt Up

What happened to the good ‘ol days of slang when “get crunk‘ or get “hyphy meant get loose or wild? Now we got cats getting turnt up like the volume on a remote.

Popped/popping a Molly

I understand that every year or so there is a new slang for drugs, in particualar for Ecstasy, but when did we start using the name of the token white girl as slang for drugs?

Well that’s it, that’s all I can think of for now, do you have any phrases or sayings that make you want to slap Momma Dee whenever to add?

Talk to me, I’ll talk back.


13 thoughts on “What Was Said In 2012, Needs To Stay In 2012.

  1. Hnmmmm(Al B. Sure).. lol.. Lets see: Let me find out,Child boo,and Im winning are some that worked my nerve(granted most my associates are gay/bi).. I must confess but if you ever say I said it I will deny it and give you the stank/snitch look in my mind… Clears throat: I love Trinidad James song One more Molly. The term over use I agree with. We live in a society of followers and celebrity’s word/action is law… Scary!!!! Great post as always

    1. Yeah a lot of people don’t realize Al B. Sure use to be a rapper before he was a singer, not to mention he still has the unibrow, sounds like Drake to me. It’s not so much that these terms irk me but more so the over usage. Once again thanks Lynette.

    2. To piggy back off of I’m winning, what about my Clique is winning, my team stay winnning or any other varation of winning.

      I’m a Boss, clearly if you were really a boss you wouldn’t have to say it, your reputation would speak for it’self.

      Boss Chick/Bitch, etc…

      1. I totally agree.. I have a home girl it dosent matter if she got off early, found a cute dress or got fresh fries at Mikky Dees in her mind she was “Winning!! Ummm if you say so.
        Oohhhh the phrase”I Cant”… Hell maybe Im just old and grouchy!!!

  2. Lol! Many of these words and expressions are employed by many to camouflage the reality they have nothing to say. Their (mis)use has certainly led to a need to put them in the garbage in 2013. I have a feeling, unfortunately, that they will not be buried, and they will remain alongside new meaningless words and expressions yet to come this year.

      1. I like the term skeezer.. Makes me think of Jerri Curls,Gold Teeth,and Snake Skin shoes…(Old School Pimps).

      2. I think of track suits, tight arse herringbone necklaces, dark gazelle shades and suede pumas whenever I heard skeezer.

        I think we should bring back:
        Cold Chilling
        Stupid fresh
        And Vapors.

  3. I despise YOLO.

    What in the hell do these young kids always try to follow stuff and make it “cool”? I do, and I don’t, understand the trendiness of things. And this was supposed to be a “motto”? Man, I’m not following that foolishness for the simple fact that many people take things TOO FAR.

    “Oh, I had unprotected sex. YOLO!”

    Yeah, and you might have HIV. YODO!!!

      1. Man, people are insane.


        Just because “you only live once” doesn’t mean disregard common sense and better judgment. But people don’t realize this. And right now, I’m preaching to the choir.

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