T’was The Night Before Christmas.

After a 10 hour drive Mrs. Breazy and I finally made to Atlanta yesterday afternoon.  My mother (the Christmas baby) was beyond excited and happy for me to be visiting to the point she was looking out the window every hour looking for my car.  After we got in and stretched our legs for a bit we unpacked the car before eating dinner that my mother cooked, after eating we sat around talking for a while before going to check out a house that is known for having extravagant Christmas lights and decorations and what will undoubtedly have a high ass December electric bill.

You better have my plate of cookies and muthaphuckin glass of milk ready.
You better have my plate of cookies and muthaphuckin glass of milk ready.

So it’s Christmas eve and we still have a few last-minute gifts to get, Mrs. Brezy and I are buying each other Iphone 5’s so we are going to go to Sams Club in the morning (Sams Club is running a promotion through the 30th) to buy them afterwards I am going to show Mrs. Breazy around and go by a couple of family members houses to introduce her to them.

Later in the afternoon my mother, father, Mrs. Breazy and I will be going to a cousin’s of mine for light finger food (whatever the hell that means), spiced eggnog and Holiday cheer and shit before returning to my parents house where we’ll each open 1 gift before going to bed.

Well that’s it for me, I hope that you all have a Merry Christmas, I would like to know how you spent it.  These are my plans for Christmas eve, what are your’s?

Talk to me, I’ll talk back

p.s. My mother has bags of potpourri strategically placed throughout the house.

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