Keeping Up With The Kardishians

She's the rapper, I'm the DJ.
She’s the rapper, I’m the DJ.

By now I’m sure you’ve seen the pictures of both Puff Daddy and Mr. Kardashian aka Kanye West wearing matching his and hers kilts; what’s next, monogrammed towels? Now, I’ll save Puffy or whatever he’s calling himself these days for another post and focus all the attention of this post on Kardashians and how they are affecting Kanye West’s career.

In case you are not familiar with the Kardashian Curse, it’s a phenomenon that happens when a Kardashian whether it’s Kim (multiple times) or Khloe date/marry professional athletes  or entertainers whose production mysteriously takes a dip while being the sisters’ athletic ATMs. Basically, they are voluptuous blood sucking leeches.  Their mother is trying to pimp out  convince one of the younger Kardashian’s (Kendell) to give Jaden Smith a try, probably so that they can try to get their hands on that Will Smith money. There is no scientific data to back this up, only speculation and opinion, but this article goes in-depth about the decline in production of both current and former boyfriends, minus Kanye before, and  how they rebounded after dating the Kardashians.

The Kardashians latest victim, Kanye West, is apparently starting to see his career take a hurting due to his affiliation with Kim. Ummmm I know Kanye doesn’t care about anybody’s opinion not named Kanye, but I am trying to see how he figured this would be a good move for him career wise.  I understand you can’t help who you fall in love with, and while I know better, I hope that these two really love each other. Kanye had to expect some type of backlash, and yes it’s not our business who he dates, but ever since Kim made her public life available thanks to a naked Karma Sutra tape with, of all people Brandy’s brother, people feel like they have a right to comment.

I know Kanye’s big brother Jay-Z tried to pull him to the side and talk some sense into him, while Beyonce all but did the Heisman on that hoe to Kim when she tried to befriend Beyonce earlier this year, but apparently none of that has worked.  Even though I hate to say this because I am a fan of Kanye’s music, I do hope that his fading popularity will somehow wake him up so that he can get back to making the good music that we all know he is capable of and put Kim’s his clothing line on hold.  IMO Cruel Summer and Watch The Throne were both sub par.

So let dating a Kardashian be a cautionary tale to all you ballers on a budget (you can’t afford themm anyway) and real ballers, if you date a Kardashian your pockets will go on a diet and you’ll be wearing clothing from the Braveheart movie set.

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