Be Encouraged

BeEncouraged[1]This is a post that I did back in December. I posted this after the tragic events that took place in Kansas City, Oregon and Connecticut. I think that the message that I talked about back in December is just as relevant today because of the Boston Marathon bombing and that is why I am re-posting it.

“Be encouraged, no matter what’s going on, he’ll make it alright but you gotta stay strong. Hold on, trouble doesn’t last always, these trials are just a test, a test of your faith.”

These words are the hook from one of my favorite gospel songs titled Be Encouraged. I know a lot of tragic events have been going on, not only in the local news, but around the country lately. And while I won’t preach nor force my own beliefs on you, I think us all, whether we are believers in God or not, need a word of encouragement.

From the tragic events that took in place in Kansas City a couple of weeks ago, the shooting that took place in Oregon, to the tragic shooting that took place this past Friday in Connecticut, I won’t go into detail about these sad events, but I will say that no matter how dark these times may seem, things will get better.
I know times appear to be hard, with the Fiscal Cliff looming, the loss of precious innocent lives that seems to happen weekly and everything else we have to deal with. I know the last thing that anything anybody wants to hear is some naive positivity, but I think a word of encouragement is exactly what’s needed. Stay strong and prayed up (for those that pray), hold onto whatever it is that you hold on to, continue to believe in what you believe in, and we will all get through these trying times.

I’m not going to lie to you and say that something like this won’t happen again, but I can tell you just like everything else, that this too shall pass, and while it may take some time, heartache and pain, the way that we defeat evil is to keep on mashing, fight to live and love our enemies as well as our friends. Despite all these events we are still strong people whether we are white, black, American or an illegal alien; our faith should not be easily swayed by those that may be lost.

One way to combat (not completely stop ) these events is to be a friend to the friendless, a shoulder to lean on, as well as a defacto counselor for those that are in need or are hurting. Who knows, maybe what happened this past Friday could have been prevented if Adam Lanza, 20, had had a friend to listen to him and talk him off the ledge. Basically, the love that we show loved ones as well as strangers may not only show that we care, but may save a life, literally.

8 thoughts on “Be Encouraged

    1. Your welcome, and thank you. Rather than re-hash all the sad events I just wanted to try and let people know that there is light at the end of the tunnel even with all this madness going on.

  1. Very uplifting and inspiring words. Its good to see positive post like this. People are so quick to judge,spew malice,and condemn others when their at their worst,when as you said sometimes things can be avoided if we as beings treated each other better or at least look for signs that something may not be right with someone no matter friend/foe. Early on my Aunt instilled in me to always smile and say hello because it may be the only nice jesture one may see/hear all day. Moving from Miss to Cali I still apply that to life(though people in Cali look at you like your crazy) Its a tragey that this happened and my prayers go out to both the families and people who committed the crimes. If God take you to it he will surely take you through it.

    1. My parents are from Mobile, AL and while I am not a southerner, I had a southerner upbringing, I try to speak to everybody see and ask how things are going. I have to admit that I did have malice in my heart for Adam Lanza until I went to church Sunday. In fact the idea of this post came to me when I was in church where I was reminded of my christian duty and needless to say my stance regarding the shooter soften a bit.

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