Guilty Pleasures

I was watching Lake Show get their asses handed to them last night by the NY Knicks, and while I will admit this is a down year for my Lakers, I will give props to the Knicks for handling business. Having said that, it’s not easy being a Lakers fan living on the Eastern seaboard. While I ride f&ck or die for my Lakers and hometown Nuggets, here it seems to be a guilty pleasure. It doesn’t help that my homeboy from Jersey is rubbing it in on Facebook, but oh well, what kind of fan would I be if I didn’t believe we could overcome any deficit.

What would you do for a McFLURRY???
What would you do for a McFlurry???

Watching this game with my homie rubbing it in has me thinking about guilty pleasures that I have no problem admitting – not that there’s anything wrong with them – and since you all know that I can make lists and count to 10, I decided to guess what? Make a list. Like to hear it? Hear it goes.

10. Potpourri

I know I mentioned my fondness for potpourri in another post, but I don’t think that you all are peeping game. My mother has always had bags and bowls of potpourri around our houses, whether we lived in Denver, Europe, Hawaii or the ATL, and I always liked the way it smelled. Up until my 23rd birthday, I thought all houses smelled liked potpourri.

9. Ratchet rap

I have a hard time calling what’s being played on the radio these days hip hop, but being an avid fan of West Coast hip hop fan I am just happy that the Left Coast is getting any attention. What is Ratchet music? Believe it or not there is a “brand” of music coming from the West Coast that is branded ‘Rathchet” music, thanks to artists like Tyga, Problem and even established artists such as E-40 have all adapted the sound of ratchetness. That’s right, all the hoodrats with 3 different textured weaves in their hair have their own soundtrack.

8. Hole in the walls

Everybody knows that the best places to get the strongest drinks for the cheapest prices are from neighborhood bars that turn into clubs after 9:00 and the places whose dress code is gold teeth and white tees ( for my southern folks).

7. Tyga

I’m sorry this dude has reinvented himself into a genius. While he isn’t known for his lyricism, his videos should win awards for the visuals, not to mention his videos sound better with the sound off.

6. Chick Flicks

Yes I am off the market; but when I was single, do you know how many chick flicks I used as a ploy to get females to let down their guard and let me be a defacto doctor doing their monthly breast exam???

5. Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

I hate reality shows. Let me repeat, I hate reality shows!! But whenever Mrs. Breazy watches Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, I find myself glued to the screen just to see if I recognize any of the places the cast members go, you know since I used to live in ATL.

4. Eggnog

For the life of me, I can’t understand why some people don’t like eggnog, but apparently there are a lot of them. I don’t see what the stigma is, so I’ll continue to enjoy my favorite holiday mixer.

3. Master P

That’s right you read correctly, Master P. You can say what you want, and a lot of my born and bred East Coast homies have all blamed the decline of hip hop on Master P, and all but called him the devil, but give me another person who had a better run from 96-99 in hip hop.

2. Trinidad James’s All Gold Everything song and video

Let me start by saying this I hate this song and everything Trinidad James stands for, but let me tell you because of people like him, I am glad that I went to college. Am I judging? HELL YES! I may have a year and a half left, but I’m glad that I can put together complete sentences without sweating from poppin’ a molly.

1. Los Angeles Lakers fan

Yes I know I am behind enemy lines living on the East Coast with all these East Coast biased snobs, but I will rep for my team until the cows come home, or at least until we raise the next championship banner before any team on the East Coast does.

Well that’s all the guilty pleasures that I can think of right now, what are some of yours?

Talk to me, I’ll talk back.

12 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures

  1. Let me first say I love your blog!!!
    Guilty Pleasures:
    Bodywash: I buy them in bulks to try them all,dont let a new scent come out Im all over it!!
    Gum: I have a gum box. I have gum in purses,every room,the car..” Everywhere”..only the Rootbeer by Extra and 5 though.
    Carmex: Its my drug!! My lips relapse without it.
    Bluezzz: Being from the South I love Johnnie Taylor,Peggy Scott,Tyronne Davis.etc. I miss going to holes in the wall where its all about the drinks and two
    Southern Rap: Webbie,Playa Fly,Gangsta Boo,Three 6, and 8ball/MJG in their”dont flex/sho nuff days.
    Socks: Funny socks,with characters and funny drawings.
    Crime Shows:CSI,Deadly Women,First 48(with they snitching asses),Cold Case files..You name it I like it,I be like that m***** f***** did what!! Its my shit!!
    Books: Yes I do have a college degree but I love smut,gutter,dirty books. It allows me to be a king pen,slut,killer,pimp,through someone else..Dont judge
    Great post!! Good day.

    1. Let me start off by saying thank you Lynette, it still amazes me that anybody want to read what I have to say. You aint said nothing about Southern Rap, I gew up on The Geto Boys, Scarface and them, I am a 8ball and MJG fan, Shonuff was my joint back in highschool. Yeah CSI, Criminal Minds and other crime showas capture my attention.

      1. I feel like I commited some injustice by forgetting such greatness on my list!!..Pinky(I loved,she so disgustingly great),Angel Eyez,Redd,Brian Pumper and ,Justin Slayer(he can get it) are a few of my favs. If only Wesley Pipes would shut the fuck up!!! Pinky,Justin,and myself…Hey a girl can

      2. Alright Lynette you are going to make me tell on myself. I love Kapri Styles, Lavish Stylez, Angel Eyez and know I can’t remember first name but her last name is Foxx.

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