Why Did It Have To Come To This?

By now I am sure you are all aware of the tragedy that took place in Kansas City this past weekend, another tragic event that left 2 dead (murder/suicide) and a 3 month old without parents to be raised by the state.  I won’t go into the details since it’s been  all over the news, nor will I point a finger or lay blame.  I won’t do those things not because I am self-righteous or the perfect Christian, though I try to turn the other cheek and live and let live as much as I can, no, my opinion on the matter doesn’t matter nor will it change what has already happened.

Why, why???
Why, why???

I will try to make sense of it as much as I can, though it may be hard to understand how someone can kill his girlfriend and the mother of his child and then consciously drive to his place of work and kill himself in front of his boss and boss’s boss.

Ever since the tragedy took place, there have been conflicting reports on what kind of person Javon Belcher was, as well has his psyche. Everyone that knew him, including his coaches, rave about him being a model citizen and player, short on talent but long and will, desire, and inner drive. He was someone who cared about people and would never have done anything like this; except it turns out they were all wrong, or were they?

New details have emerged since the incident, including details that led up to the tragedy. It seems Javon Belcher (25), and his girlfriend Kasandra over relationship and financial issues for months before the tragic events that took place on Saturday. The Chiefs were aware of the off-field issues that their 25-year-old linebacker was having and “were bending over backwards” to help by providing the couple with counseling in an effort to help.

The night before the killings, Perkins attended a Trey Songz concert with friends while Belcher had been out  with partying with friends as well while Belcher’s mother was watching their 3-month-old baby. Detectives don’t know exactly what the couple was arguing about but The Star reported that Belcher was upset that Perkins had stayed out so late.

This seems to me that even though these 2 were of adult age but were not ready to take on adult responsibilities, throw in $2 million a year salary and it’s a recipe for disaster though no one could have predicted that it would come to this.  Belcher in his own immature and selfish way took it upon hisself to act they way that he did, how could he have been mad with his girlfriend for staying out late while he was out partying late as well and why did he feel the need shoot Perkins 9 times?  Whatever was said during the argument in hindsight probably didn’t elicit that kind of response from Belcher ( he could have punched a whole in the wall, kick a tree or break the glasses), except now we’ll never know.

Of course all of this is speculation on my part and maybe even a little judgemental, like I said I am just trying to understand something that is hard to understand.  With so many unanswered questions I guess will never fully understand

Now both families and teammates to mention the head coach and GM that witnessed Belcher’s suicide (and will probably be f*cked up for life) are left to pick up the pieces while their daughter is left without her parents.

What are your thoughts and opinions on this tragic event?

Talk to me, I’ll talk.


2 thoughts on “Why Did It Have To Come To This?

  1. I always think about when you get with someone new you never think this person might kill me. You think about the promise of the future, not tragedy. You just never know. He may not have been verbal or physically abusive before. He may have just snapped. No one can predict if a person will snap. It’s just heart breaking what happened.

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