I Aint No Killer But Don’t Push Me.

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past two weeks, I am sure you are aware of yet another unarmed black teenager that was murdered in, of all places, FL.  Jordan Davis was murdered while he and several other teenagers were sitting in an SUV in a parking lot of a convenience store, by Michael Dunn who, along with his girlfriend, stopped at the same convenience store while visiting from out-of-town for Dunn’s son’s wedding.

R.I.P. Jordan Davis
R.I.P. Jordan Davis

The murder was the result of Dunn asking the occupants of the SUV that Davis was sitting in to turn down the loud music that was coming from the car. Words were exchanged – allegedly by Davis – ending in Dunn firing 8-9 bullets into the side of the SUV, killing Davis.  Dunn fled the scene of the crime and was arrested a day later. He is currently being held without bail and is now trying to use the controversial “Stand Your Ground” defense.

While I don’t know what was said between the two, I seriously doubt it warranted shooting into a car filled with teenagers 8 – 9 times. Dunn is claiming that he felt threatened and saw a gun, but after the Police arrived and searched the car, no gun was found.  IMO, if he really felt threatened, all he had to do was flash the gun or even fire a warning shot into the air, and that would have calmed me down, because I wouldn’t want to get shot over loud music.  Ever since the history of car stereos, teenagers and adults alike of all races, creeds, colors, and ethnic backgrounds, have blasted loud music whether it was Elvis or (god forbid) Gucci Mane.  The reason why I titled today’s post I Aint No Killer But Don’t Push Me, is because it seems that just being a black teenager is provocation enough – particularly in FL – at least it seems like it to me.  Coming from CO, one of the infamous Wild Wild West frontier states where disputes were handled in the street, FL is starting to eerily remind me of the tales of “how the West was won.”

Davis’s murder brings up the painful memory of Trayvon Martin’s murder that is still fresh in our collective minds, and at the same time, mirrors the not even a year old case.  Both teens were unarmed, both murdered by older white men who are both using the “Stand Your Ground” defense, but you see, while both cases may seem similar, they are just as much different as they are alike. Unlike the Martin case, several people witnessed this shooting and there was no scuffle between Davis and Dunn before Davis was fatally shot. And Dunn was arrested a day later.

This is supposed to be the era of improved race relations. Now, I won’t say that Davis’s murder was/is race related – although it could very well be – but thanks to the Bill O’Reillys and Fox News of the world, along with those that can use fear of a black man as a reason to gun him down, I fear that “If you are young black man, who you are is threat enough” and the use of the Stand Your Ground defense is all that you’ll need to be justified.

This is just one man’s opinion, and I will not pretend to speak for all African-Americans, but because of cases like these I have to remind myself that not all races have it out for us even though it’s hard.  So what is your take on this case and how it reflects on race relations in America?

Talk to me, I’ll talk back.


2 thoughts on “I Aint No Killer But Don’t Push Me.

  1. Dunn is dead wrong. As much as I hate to hear someone blasting their music in public it’s just one of those things you have to bare as a citizen out and about in the world. Dunn had an ax to grind. No one should have lost their life.

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