What About Your Friends???

What about your friends, will they stand their ground, will they let you down again?  What about your friends?  Are they gonna be low down, or are they gonna turn their backs on you?

Why can’t we get real acting gigs, instead of this straight to dvd bullsh*t?
These simple yet poignant questions asked by TLC should probably be made into questionnaires and passed out to potential new friends and current family members.  By show of hands how many of y’all have let your friend walk out the house wearing something you wouldn’t be caught dead in, looking like Trinidad James stunt double?  How many of y’all  keep quiet while your homie’s girlfriend is known as “lips and lungs” to everybody but him?  Ladies, how many times have you let your girlfriend walk out the house wearing Pam Oliver weaves, because you didn’t want to hurt her feelings?

If we are such good and “best” friends to our good and best friends, why do we not tell them what they need to hear as opposed to what they want to hear – for sake of not hurting their feelings?  If you were about to walk out the house looking like Grace Jones, wouldn’t you want to know? Or if you your friends knew that the person you were dating was no good, wouldn’t you want to know? No one wants to hurt our friends feelings or crush their egos, but I bet they would rather have their feelings hurt and egos stepped on if it kept them from looking like fools or making a mistake that may haunt them for years.

I understand our friends don’t make it easy on us at times, they may cry on our shoulders and ask for advice that they choose to ignore, almost making it impossible to the best friend they deserve.  How many times has one of your friends cried on your shoulders about his/her boyfriend/girlfriend only to completely disregard your sage advice?  Back in the days when I was young, I’m not a kid anymore, my younger brother would spend some frequent time in the grey bar motel. Each time he would ask me to bail him out, ask me for advice, and after giving him my advice he would say “yeah you are right, but she’s bad though” O_0, In the words of a nun, cum again.  Needless to say, I stopped giving him my advice and bail money.

Despite our friends sometimes head scratching behavior, they still deserve the best we have to give them. Meaning, giving them the pure uncut truth even if it means hurt feelings or falling out for a while. It’s better to hurt them a little now so that they don’t hurt a lot later

What do you think? Can you honestly say that you have been the “best” friend that you could be to your friends? Or do you have a friend that may be overly sensitive, making it hard to tell him/her the truth? Or did you fall out with a friend because of the hard truth?

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