Groupie Love.

I wanna be saaaaaved.

I hope that everybody had a Happy and safe Thanksgiving.

Well well well it seems another well paid athlete has fallen victim to the hoefessionals and groupies of the world, James Harden the latest Houston Rocket signee who signed a 5-year, $80 million contract with the Houston Rockets after being traded from the Oklahoma City Thunder before the start of the NBA season.  James Harden allegedly paid “Urban Model/Escort Jenna Shea $20k to “Hang Out” with him during a road game against the Detroit Pistons.  Shea claims that she was flown into town on a private jet and was also allowed to bring some of her closes friends to watch Harden play basketball. Assuming this is true I’m not sure who is saving more strippers and video hoefessionals Harden or Drake (Maliah Michael).

Now it is Harden’s money and he is allowed do with it what he wants to and I’m not judging him, well that’s a lie, I am judging the bearded one.  This isn’t Jenna’s first dealing with a NBA player, she had some dealings with the Lakers Jordan Hill earlier this year and she is a self admitted paid pin cushion.  While there already a number of trappings for professional athletes to fall victim to, some can be avoided like groupies who have been the ruin for many athletes as well as regular men ever since the beginning of time.   This isn’t Harden’s first act of generosity towards strippers, Earlier this month, a stripper named Jasmine Taylor took to her social network, after a “lonngg” day, to thank Harden for his generosity. “Lonngg but great night thanks to James harden 🙂 #blessed,” Taylor wrote, accompanied by stacks of cash.

Apparently this is the norm for Harden and he actually likes giving his money to the needy(those in need of clothes), and he doesn’t mind being put on blast by someone who has already dished dirt on her sexual escapades with Lil Wayne, Julez Santana and other rappers, if this is the case I hope he wasn’t surprised when news spread of his paying for her company.  Unlike the earlier days of record label and radio station relationships when payola aka play to play proved beneficial for both sides the only person benefitting in this scenario is Shea who has no problem telling it on the mountain.

While I do not personally know James Harden, I think that he is a talented player who has a bright future in front of him and I wish him success being ‘the man” now that he is playing for Houston, I even liked him in OKC when he was coming off the bench, winning 6th man of the year last season.  I just don’t want to see someone so young make a career altering mistake because “he is balling”, the women will come and go but he shouldn’t lose sight of the blessing of being a talented athlete that he was blessed with.

At the same time, if you speed by the same intersection everyday and everyday you get a ticket the only person to blame is yourself, just like if you mess with theses money hungry groupies and your business is put out there for any and everybody you shouldn’t get mad at anybody but yourself.  Sometimes I feel the more I teach these youngins the dumber I get.

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