The Power Of The P.

On Wednesday I briefly talked about the Power Of The P during Remember What My Pops Told Me post so I want to explore on it even more.  Recently, I was talking to a good friend of mine who told me about his cousin, who by all means had it going on; good job, car, house, and benefits; but all of a sudden started acting crazy, withdrawing $1000 at a time and was always broke, stressing out and stopped caring for himself like he used to.  Come to find out, he finally slept with a girl he had been chasing for about year to which my homie and I realized he was p*ssy whipped.  So this got me to thinking of the phenomenon known as The Power Of The P.

See what happens when you get some of that good good??
The great equalizer, the one thing that will make a man (or woman) act a fool, be treacherous, conniving and act his/her shoe size rather than his/her age.  Yes the Power of The P has caused the ruin of great civilizations, caused wars (Helen of Troy) and many Ray Ray’s and Pookie’s to go to jail in wife beaters and boxers looking  like Flavor Flav,  Sweet Cooch Brown is the reason why most dudes clean up, get their hair cut and try to dress fly,. While some may not get so much as a whiff of it, just the thought that they might get some is enough to get them to come out the pocket to pay bills, take women on trips and risk their careers and marriages, I’m looking at you General Patreaus.

You all wouldn’t believe the lengths that some men (and women) go to for a little Peaches ‘n Cream. One of my favorite scenes in Harlem Nights was Richie calling his wife and child to tell them that he wasn’t going to be coming home anymore because of the sunshiny sunshine that was put on him and made him p*ssy whipped.  Grown people plotting, conniving and scheming for it just like a bad Soap Opera plot, relationships, happy homes broken up and lives lost on the account of anatomy crack.

You got the dude that hasn’t had it since it had him; that if you mess up and feel sorry and give him some, you won’t be able to get rid of him, he’ll probably show up to your job in a pink robe, bunny ears and swimming trunks on, looking for you in the broad day with the flash light.

These are the dudes that my homies and I clown and try to avoid at all costs; ladies you see them out in lounges and clubs, looking thirsty willing to buy the whole bar for you hoping that you’ll go home with them while promising you everything but the moon stars.  These are the same dudes that are possessive and once they get “some” they have the potential to shoot up a whole club just because he’s sprung and he doesn’t want anybody else sticking their fingers in his pudding.

Now I’m not going to act holier than thou, even me, Breazy Dee Williams, I did some story telling and scheming in my time for some sweet potato pie,  but within reason and the realm of sanity.  I can give you a firsthand account of how I use to be a shark in the water just hoping for the smell of blood so I could move in for the kill.  I’ve had toe curling, don’t touch me, don’t touch me sex, but I can say I haven’t had some that was so good that I was itching and scratching with a runny nose like a character from The Wire.  I was always taught not be p*ssy whipped but to whip the p*ssy and these are words that I live by.

So fellas, be honest have you ever been whipped? Ladies have you ever put it on a dude so good he wanted to pay your bills? Also, ladies have you ever had a dude put it on you so good you married a Marley and quit your career?

Talk to me, I’ll talk back.

4 thoughts on “The Power Of The P.

  1. I never had that “I’ll take over the world on some Pinky and the Brain shyte” feeling about poosay neither. I’ve seen those dudes and I can’t for the life of me understand how they got turned out by those chicks but I guess anything is possible. But me…nah I can’t do it. Once you get to understand women to the point where you see them as just people, and not warm containers for penises, I feel like being poosay whipped is impossible. She’s just human. She’s good at what she does, but that doesn’t mean you get to put a hold on it, all Cuban embargo on that ass.

    And lets be real, those kinds of dudes who get whipped real bad are not only comedy pieces for us, but good looks into the future of how stupid we could be if we lost our common sense over some pink stuff.

    1. I agree completely, but the thing that gets me, it be grown men that should know better, what’s even worse are those dudes that swear up and down they are pimps, players and macks but sign their checks over their woman. You think we as menfolk would leran from history, but I guess the more I try to teach them the dubmber I get.

      1. It’s funny that you say that because, the girls who get dudes cooch whipped are usually the women you’d never expect to be like that. Like, if it’s the chick every dude wants, they not sweating her for the cooch, they sweating her because she’s hotter than everybody else. But the closet freak who nobody expects to be more than a easy lay is the one that has your boy stuck in the house for 6 months straight, with a new excuse as to why he can’t come out.

        It’s hilarious and you can’t stop men for falling for that trap. They just got to learn the hard way.

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