10 Phrases that need to die.

Good afternoon, sorry for posting so late.  Are there phrases or quotes that make you cringe, you know make you want to stab someone in the neck with a broken pencil if you hear them say it again?  Between TV, music and everyday conversations I hear things that makes me want to throw that person a dictionary, thesaurus or hooked on phonics or maybe my first coloring book to Waka Flocka Flame.

So just like usual I made a list of phrases I really could do without (at least you know I can count past 5 and I’m good at making lists

1.  So and so is a real n*gga/that’s a real n*gga

I know the word doesn’t have the same negative connotation as it use to have but it still causes strong feelings whenever it’s said especially if it’s by another race.  Even the Webster’s dictionary definition of the word means an ignorant person so why would anybody want to be known as a real “ignorant person”?

2.  Don’t worry, I’m on the pill.

Usually when I hear this it’s from a guy who thought the chick he met at the club the night happy hour was catered by chicken wings and Hennessy, who was auditioning for the “Twerk Team” was actually on the pill and miraculously got pregnant while supposedly being protected.

3.  I’m going to put my paws on ya

I don’t know what’s worst a grown man referring to his self as a miniature cartoon dog or that fact that Lil Scrappy said he was going to knock out Stevie J and ended up getting socked up himself.

4.  I got you

Why can’t black people just say, if you need me, I’m there for you, without sounding like Antoine and Blaine from Men on Films.

5.  This isn’t checkers, it’s chess

Clearly the only people who say this are struggling rappers that haven’t had a hit in forever that are beefing with other rappers and Rick Ross’s titties.

6.   I’m doing me.

As if we don’t know that you are doing you, who else would you be doing, Queen Latifah?

7.  Two Chainnnnns

Not the person 2 Chains, I think he is highly entertaining and he looks like a Jim Henson creation.  No just the way he says his name, also what kills me is this College graduate insists on sounding like a freed slave.

8.  Put a ring on it.

Beyonce has females demanding that there long-term boyfriend (or girlfriend) make the ultimate commitment and propose to her, newsflash if your significant other needs a song to tell them to commit to you that marriage is going to be shorter than Webster.

9.  Anything that comes out of mush mouth/Gucci Mane’s mouth

Between Gucci Mane’s Ice Cream cone facial tattoo and the fact that he sounds like picks cotton in his spare time I don’t know if I should be sad for him or laugh at him.

10.  $1.00 makes me holla.

Why is honey boo boo allowed to be seen in public?

So those are some phrases that I think needs to be put to rest ), if you know some please feel free to add them.


3 thoughts on “10 Phrases that need to die.

  1. What about so and so is “The Truth”? Oh man, these youngins stay calling Lil Wayne, “The Truth”. Here is “The Truth”; Dude is suspect…wearing leopard print pants, skinny jeans, oscar the grouch ugg boots, tattoos on the face, etc.

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