That’s That Shit I Do Like!

THANK GOD IT’S FRRRRIIIIDDDDDAAAAYYYY!!!! Everybody with me now!! Massage your pressure points, inhale and WUSAW!!  Now that we got that out-of-the-way, I hope that you all had a good week. I on the other hand, have been beaten up at the plantation this whole month, but like Puff Daddy says “Can’t nobody take my pride, can’t nobody hold me down oh no I got to keep on moving.”

DAMN that Chief Keef! I hate to admit, but I have to say that Jumpin Jack Flash is a genius; I mean he has earned my loathe and praise at the same time.  In a previous post , I said he and his very existence were one of the reasons that I don’t like mainly because of his song “I Don’t Like.”  Here is where I give Chief Keet credit, because while I am focusing on shit I Don’t Like, I also start to think about Shit I Do Like, and all because of Keef (you see how his genius comes in to play?), he’s like the right side and the dark side of the force at the same damn time.  Who knew he could make some thought provoking shit???

Because of the genius that is Chief Keef, I made a list of things that I do like. So, here is the remix to Tell Them N’s Why You Mad Son – the not hating edition.

10.  Clearance rack Superman aka Dwight Howard in the Lakers Purple and Gold.

Dwight Howard is the most dominant big man in the game today, but truth be told, if he played against the great big men of the 80’s (Ralph Samson, Hakeem Olajuwon, Patrick Ewing) and 90’s The Admiral David Robinson, Shaq in his Prime and Alonzo Mourning) he would be relegated to NBA’s all scrub team.  But since he is the premiere and besides Mr. Glass Andrew Bynum and Roy Hibbert, the only big man in the league, I’ll take him on my team.

9.  The upcoming NBA season.

I know that football and the NFL have become America’s darling league and sport, but for me, basketball was always the sport that I played, watched, and generally loved  The irony is football was my first love as it relates to sports, and at the age of seven, my father made me sit down and watch a Denver Nuggets game with him. Now, this was when the Nuggets were one of the highest scoring teams in the NBA, featuring Alex English, Fat Lever, and Michael Adams, who was later traded to the Washington Bullets.

8.  Potpourri.

I know this one might perplex some, if not all of you, but ever since I was little my mother always had bags of potpourri around our house to give it a sweet and homely smell, and I guess it always stuck with me.

7.  DMV’s own Angel Lola aka Lola Monroe.

I’m sorry, the Ethiopian (I get confused for an Ethiopian by Ethiopians all the time) in me just has a thing for my fellow country (w0)man not to mention her measurements of 36-22-40 cannot be denied.

7.  A fellow representative, Amerie.

Now, my affection for Amerie is a lot less physical than my affection for Angel Lola.  I have been a fan of Amerie ever since Why Don’t We Fall In Love, which I loved.  I think Columbia lost sight of her while they bet the house on a young and up and coming Beyonce.  And while she doesn’t have the pipes of a pre-crack Whitney Houston, I think that she is underrated and has more than enough talent.  Along with her beauty Amerie has brains, she graduated from Georgetown with a BA degree in English and Fine Arts minor in design.

6.  Chuck Taylors (Converse Allstars).

I bet if I asked you all the question what is the first thing you think of me when my name is mentioned;  the answers would probably all be different, but I bet Chuck Taylors will probably receive the most votes.  It is no secret I love Chuck Taylors; I want to be buried in them, and thanks to Mens Warehouse, I’ll be able to wear patent leather Chuck Taylors to my next wedding.  Me and Chuck Taylors go hand in hand like Kendrick Lamar and nappy hair.

5.  My height of 6’2.

I’m sorry this may sound arrogant, and to tell you the truth, it is.  I’ll admit, average height to short men don’t get nearly the respect, admiration and love that us 6 footers do.  Doors that are normally closed to the Jermaine Dupri’s of the world, are open to us, and the heavens part for us in a way they don’t for Carlton Banks.  Ladies, who would you rather have a child with? Montell Jordan or Keith Murray?????

4.  HBO.

Is there a better channel on cable???  From The Wire, OZ, The Sopranos, True Blood, Game Thrones to Boardwalk Empire I dare you to find a better starting five with the 6th man of the year with the exception to the 2012/2013 LA Lakers.

3.  Black Hippy and Topp Dogg Entertaintment.

The hottest name in Hip Hop right now is my Compton homie Kendrick Lamar, who I am a big fan of and his Black Hippy group consisting of Jay Rock, Schoolboy Q, Ab-Soul and of course Kendrick Lamar.  On their own, these four emcees ( and I do mean emcees and not rappers) are a force to be reckoned with. From Jay Rock being the Thinking man’s Gangster, Schoolboy Q being the self-professed schoolboy turned gangsta to Ab-soul the everyday man, a man’s man to Kendrick Lamar, the introspective and self-reflective human.  In my opinion TDE along with their affiliation to Dr. Dre’s Aftermath, are about to blow life back into the West Coast and usher in a new era of emcees.

2.  Denver Broncos

I ride and die for my team and now that we have Peyton Manning, this might be the second coming of John Elway.

1. Kendrick Lamar.

It’s no secret I am a huge of fan of Kendrick Lamar even when he was known as K. Dot before sticking to his governemnt. I have all of his mixtapes (The Kendrick Lamar EP and Overly Dedicated) and albums; while Good Kid M.A.A.D City is his first major label release but is actually his second official album; the first being the underrated Section .80  I place Kendrick Lamar in the same category as Outkast in the since that each successive mixtape and album is better than the previous basically they both improve with every project.   In my opinion the only other concept album that is comparable is The Roots Undun album that was released last year.   The genius of Good Kid M.A.A.D City is that by all means it goes over the head of today’s hip hop listeners; with no real radio single with pop appeal or catchy hooks GKMC sneaks by the average listener and into radio rotation.  The album describes a day of a 17 year old Kendrick Lamar hanging with the his gangbanging homies; it starts off with him getting stomped out over a bitch to getting some payback and losing one of his friends in the proccess to eventually receiving christ.  The album is one of the most cohesive projects in recent history even the skits tie the story togethr from the previous song to the next song.  This album is not for the Lil Wayne, Drake, Rick Ross or Wacka Floack consumers, this album is for those that appreciate good story telling and detailed lyrics, making Kendrick Lamr IMO a throwback to the golden era of hip hop.

So that’s it, what are some of the things that you like?  I hope that you all have a good weekend, stay safe and for those that will be affected by hurricane Sandy please stay safe.

3 thoughts on “That’s That Shit I Do Like!

  1. This post…That’s That Shit I Do Like! Great post. And I have to agree with you on all points except for the Lakers. I will not go into my absolute hatred for them today. It is Friday after all. So, I’ll just replace them with Olive Oil; I put that ish on everything. Food, Skin, Hair, Mahogany Wood, Door Cracks, etc.

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