Snitches Aint Shhhh!!!!

Recently, everyone’s favorite diminutive comedian Katt Williams reenacted the phone number jacking scene from Don’t BE A Menace To South Central While Drinking Your Juice In The Hood, by holding actor Faizon Love at gun point.  The altercation started because of an exchange of words stemming from Katt Williams owing Faizon Love money.

After he was arrested and taken to the station, Katt was released and no charges were filed.  Soon thereafter, Katt recorded a video where he went off on Faizon for nearly two minutes calling Big Worm “nothing but a snitch and a bald face rat” but never denying pulling a gun on him. Nevermind that it was Katt that owed Faizon money or that he put himself and Faizon in a situation that could have easily ended badly for both of them, with Faizon possibly dying and Katt being locked up for a really long time.
Now, this has got me to thinking, what exactly is snitching?  For some reason, black people more than any other group of people, have an allergy to talking to, cooperating or associating with the police for fear of being labeled social outcasts or sellouts.  If you ask me, a snitch is one or more people who willingly engages in criminal activities, unethical practices or just generally does dirt without being forced too; who gets caught and rather than suffer the consequences alone, tells on others involved in exchange for a lighter sentence, a demotion instead of being fired, or just a slap on the wrist.  A snitch isn’t a concerned citizen trying to protecting to his/her neighborhood from crime or drugs by notifying the police of what’s going on.
The only time we are all equal is the day we are born. We are all born with the right to live our lives free of worry and free from fear.  Even though we take different paths as we grow older; where some might turn to a life of crime and others may play it straight,  we still have the right to live our lives without looking over our shoulders.  So, if those who turn to a life of crime impede on my right to live in a safe and secure neighborhood (the few that are left), then I have a right to protect myself, family and neighbors; even if that means alerting authorities to criminal activities plaguing my neighborhood.
So what do you think, was Faizon Love snitching on Katt Williams? What do you consider snitching and when is it ok to snitch?

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