Punks jump up to get beat down

One of the most underrated hip hop groups of all time, Brand Nubian, made one of my favorite songs entitled “Punks  Jump Up To Get Beat Down.” The antagonists in the song instigate a situation that leads to a violent resolution: a good ‘ol fashioned ass whooping administered by those that were minding their own business.

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past week and a half, I am sure you have heard about or seen the viral clip of a Cleveland bus driver (Artis Hughes) delivering a flawless fatality style uppercut to the jaw of a female passenger Shidea N. Lane.  It was first reported that Lane was a teenager but after more information came out she is actually 25.

The clip doesn’t show what caused the altercation, only the argument where both of them can be seen cursing at each other like Quick and Vera from Harlem Nights. Seriously, the only thing missing was Lane telling the driver to” kiss my ass” and “bring ya ass n*gga, bring it on!”

Now, before getting into the “a man should never hit a female” argument, the clip shows Hughes and Lane arguing and her hitting him first before he gets out of the driver’s seat and gives her the $1.00 menu special. Afterwards, he is heard saying if she wants to act like a man, she can be treated like a man.  Both Hughes and Lane are at fault and acted their shoe size and not their age and rather immaturely.

Every man, whether we wants to admit it or not, has been in a situation similar to this a time or 2 where the only thing stopping us from choking a bitch like Wayne Brady, is the fact that she is a woman.  Some women take advantage of the fact that a halfway decent man won’t hit a woman by cursing at, spitting on and even hitting said halfway decent man  because they know he isn’t going to do anything.

There were about a million other ways for Hughes to handle the situation rather than hitting Lane; like calling the police to have her removed from the bus, pulling over at the next stop to put Lane off the bus, or even asking another rider to help escort her off the bus.  As a result of his actions, Hughes, who is a 22-year employee of the Regional Transit Authority in Cleveland, was suspended pending an investigation, putting his livelihood in jeopardy.

Yes, we men can cause more damage to a woman physically than a woman can cause us but, I was also taught to keep my hands to myself and to not hit someone and not expect a response.

So what say ye, men, have you ever been a situation like this and if so what did you do?  Ladies, have you ever honestly hit a man first no matter how mad you were?

3 thoughts on “Punks jump up to get beat down

  1. Hmmm… Yes I’ve been in the situation and no I haven’t taken a swing. A part of me agrees with Hughes in that if you want to act like a man, you’re going to get treated like one. It’s an easy call though, men shouldn’t be hitting women in any situation.

    I’m noticing that there has been a shift in gender roles over the last 10 years or so where women have no issues ‘showing their asses’ just like men do. Men have become emasculated to a point that they have become unrecognizable. Seriously, metrosexuals? WTF? If a man is more worried about getting his fashion on, that ain’t a man. Not talking gay, just someone that has blurred the gender line to a point that it makes you wonder about what’s happening. Women should be, and are, taking advantage of this in that they know full well that men aren’t MEN anymore. I just see women in a new gender role that is much more masculine than of previous generations.

    Women and men shouldn’t be hitting each other to begin with. However, women have been bitching about being treated equally forever. Let’s be true to the truth here, you want to go to combat and get shot? You want to break up an all male school while keeping all female schools alive and well? Then you shouldn’t be bitching about getting your ass whipped…especially if you started it. Just because you are a woman doesn’t mean you have any right to hit a man or anyone else. Women want to be respected as women; if this is true, why act like a man and expect to get away with your BS? If you think you’re an adult act like one, act like a fool…get treated like one.

    Yes, without question, men can do more damage to a woman than they can to them. No, raising a hand to a woman is not something a man should ever do.

  2. Like my dude Kid Fury said he took 400 years of underground rail road agression on her ass. I can not imagine how many times that man has been direspected over the years on that bus. I don’t even like to raid the train here in DC because of people that are so rude and self absorbed and LOUD! Women keep your hands/spit to yourself. He had about all he could stand and he couldn’t stand anymore, and she got dolly whopped. People need to control anger, have your money ready, get on the bus and have a hundred seats before you get your ass beat.

    1. Your dude talking about this is for Mandela, huh? One thing too is you can’t just say and do whatever you want to people; you never know how that person is going to react, if you hit somebody I suggest you at least brace for a slap or something.

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