Get At Me Dog.

So, it appears that Michael Vick is the owner of a new puppy and somewhere Michael Madoff is jealous.  Vick tweeted a picture of his family earlier this week, but rather than focus on his family, some people zeroed in on the box of dog biscuits in the picture.

We are all aware of Vick’s legal troubles regarding dogs and the time that he served as a result of those legal troubles, so why is this still an issue?  It’s not like he enslaved an entire group of people or anything.  Some people are foaming at the mouth, gathering pitchforks, torches and rope, and forming a lenchmob without Ice Cube’s permission, to drag the “dog killer” through the streets.

Are we so unforgiving that the man can’t own a dog – which he is legally allowed to do – after serving 18 months in prison?  Come on, can’t we let this man live like Jay-Z asked in 1996?  He was found guilty, served his time and it was deemed  that he was ready to return to society.  He has bent over backwards to distance himself from the fighting and torturing of the dogs that died, as well as the gambling that he was found guilty of.  Short of becoming an Eagle Scout, I think he has stayed true to his word

I bet those very same people that are up in arms, all have skeletons in their closet; and with this being 2012, some of the men probably have skinny jeans and lipstick in their closets too. So how can they act as if their shit smells like boo boo scented roses?

I honestly think Vick is being too nice; if it was me, I’d tell those people who have something to say about it “loud and clear to get off my d*ck n*gga  and tell yo b#tch to come here”.

So let’s live and let live and remember God doesn’t like ugly, but he isn’t to fond of pretty either.

3 thoughts on “Get At Me Dog.

  1. The man served his time and that should have been that. I even remember interviews where he sincerely apologized and I think he even went to some classes regarding cruelty to animals but don’t take that as gospel. Comparing to enslaving a race of people is too extreme from my POV, but the folks foaming at the mouth are the militant PETA that feel it ok to throw animal blood on people; please tell me you weren’t just talking about white folks. Find me a vegan and you’ll find that they are just as militant as PETA. Some of them would rather be eaten by an animal instead of eating one.

    BTW, PETA in my world stands for People Eat The Animals! Everyone has skeletons in their closet. Love the skinny jeans reference. Vick is his own man, he leaves it on the field and has moved on. He is legally allowed to own a dog and I seriously doubt the man would be dumb enough to pull that dog fighting shit again.

    Being too nice, I think he’s being smart as hell. He only talks football, stays out of the press as much as possible (the press goes AFTER HIM), and he’s got his shit together. The press is the problem and the threats from activists are the problem. God knows what’s in his heart, I think we do as well.

    1. While I did go to the extreme to prove my point about dog fighting not being as bad as slavery it was done on purpose. Those that are Vick dectractors take their disdain for him to the extreeme from the two years that he served wasn’t long enough to he needs to rot in hell. Also I was addressing some white people not all when comparing slavery to dog fighting and that was because some of been telling us for years that slavery ended a long time ago and for us to get over it, which is funny because some people can’t get over a couple of dogse being killed.

      1. Good point. These days folks are ready to forget the past (slavery) but not learn from it. The folks that can get past the dog fighting, they are passionate about their animal beliefs. I don’t doubt that every hunter, fisherman, swine and beef farmer, are also on their shit list because they bring harm (and death) to animals. Dog fighting is illegal and Vick paid his price. People that don’t believe a man deserves a second chance have no soul IMO.

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