It’s hard out here, for a pimp?

Oh how the miniature have fallen. There was a time when Mighty Mouse aka Bow Wow (Lil Bow Wow) was on top of the world – in other words – could stay up late on a week night. Let him tell it, as a Cash Money Records employee, he only makes $4,000 a month and only has $1,500 in his checking account. Right. At least that’s what he told the Judge when he and his baby’s mother were in court on Monday fighting over child support payments. Word to the wise Bow Wow, unless your last name is Baby (Weezy F. Baby) and you kiss Baby in the mouth, you are going to get the Booty Warrior treatment. Cash Money, namely Baby, has been known to withhold royalties and other payments from Lil Turk, BG and Juvenile, the onetime flagship artist that put them on the map.

But I digress. It appears that Bow Wow caught the amnesia bug and forgot to disclose to the judge that he is the now the new host of 106 and Park (as if anybody without training wheels still watches the show). Seriously, does anybody that can count without having to count on their fingers still watch the show?

So either way you look at it, times are rough for Bow Wow, from signing to watch your wallet records to hosting a show on Blackface Entertainment Television and staring in Tyler Perry movies, the only thing missing is doing a collaborative album with Omarion, oops, that already happened.

So keep your head up Bow Wow and if all else fails you can probably can get some work as a child model or a part in the upcoming “The Hobbit” directed by Peter Jackson”

So do you have any more suggestion for Bow Wow on how to get back on his feet?

Talk to me, I’ll talk back


4 thoughts on “It’s hard out here, for a pimp?

  1. I didn’t know he had a baby? I didn’t know he was the new host for 106th and Park…amazing although he is corny wack master he has maintained some form of relevancy.

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