Allow Me to Re-introduce Myself

Hello, my name is Breazy, Breazy Hale aka Cool Breeze aka Breazy Taylor aka Silky Slim, and I’m a Gemini. I like to take long walks in park while bumping “Aint No Fun if the Homies can’t have none” and I’m from Denver, CO. Montbello to be exact. So that makes me a Bronco, a Nugget, a Rockie as well as a Laker fan.

That cool cat Breazy, Founder of Corner Politics
That cool cat Breazy, Founder of Corner Politics

I’ve been all around the world iyi, iyi, iyi. I’ve lived in Denver, Germany, Denver again, Hawaii, South suburbs of Atlanta, Carson, CA, Dominica, West Indies and the DMV. But for me, Denver is what I consider home.

I am an only child and the 10th of 11 children at the same time (think immaculate conception mixed with Jon and Kate plus 8 plus 2 more). Being an only child, as well as one of many, and a world traveler has helped shaped me into the Tall drink of worldly water that I am; and who am I you ask?   

I’m a fly debonair slew footed Gemini with an allergy to people without ovaries wearing skinny jeans. I’m cooler than the other side of a pillow, and I walk with a limp so hard you would think my leg was broken. I invented being laid back, and when I’m not walking with a limp, I am moving effortlessly like an early Spike Lee Joint.

I’m just a stubborn kind of brotha with a head like a brick, no DJ Quik and an avid Hip Hop fan, maybe slightly biased towards West Coast Hip Hop, some may even say an aficionado. I cannot confirm nor deny the legend that I came out the womb wearing Chuck Taylors size 14 and C-walking. The Gemini of all Geminis, a Gemini’s Gemini and if you are keeping score at home that is eight Geminis, and like Geminis what you see is not what you get, you may see a young Billy Dee Williams, but actually, I am Max Julian reincarnated. My mindset is NWA mixed with Public Enemy (talking about being a Gemini) so that makes me revolutionary but gangsta, sort of like a Riley and Huey Freeman hybrid.

Corner Politics is basically you and your mans n em’ chopping it up, politicking and being straight to the point with no holds barred, without all the double talk, SAT words, dictionaries, thesauruses, supplemental documentation, Pythagorean Theorem. Giving it to you so simple its elementary my dear Watson. Everything is fair game, ratchet to the non-ratchet, politics, religion and pop culture while at the same time talking my shit, so run for the hills and hide your hoes. So if you want beef than bring the Ruckus, Corner Politics aint nothing to phuck with.

It would be my pleasure if you would take this bizarre Ryde to the Pharcyde with me, and to give your opinions no matter how wrong you are or how right I am j/k. Feel free to agree or disagree, as long as it’s done respectfully, you can even call me whatever you want as long as you put the Breazy in front of it.

So my fellow Corner Politicians what say ye?

Talk to me and I’ll talk back.

13 thoughts on “Allow Me to Re-introduce Myself

  1. Let me begin talking my shit. I’m going to need you to spell check this post one mo ginn. Well not so much as spell check but structure your sentences better, ya’ dig? Looking forward to what you come up with in your corner.

  2. well then.. allow myself to introduce the MeHai Apostle. AKA the bosephus AkA the mighty AKA The Sanguine Surfer. born and raised in The T.O. I have lived in Ireland, Arizona, Florida, New bruinswick and random couches across the Greater toronto area. Backround of Navajo, Irish, German, zimbabwean (yes zimbabwean) and Boer South African makes me look like a normal whiteboy who keeps a nice tan all year round.
    I walk with a swaggar no limp.. i dont drag the sea.. no reason to limp lol. The only child of a pair of ex hippie rockers i was taught that a level head is worth more than a fat wallet and if anyone gives you shit.. you give it right back (In spades if needed).
    Aquired my blackbelt in karate at age 14, then moved on to capoeira and kung fu. I’m a capricorn, very set in my ways and I enjoy the little rutt i have dug myself.
    Born with the mind of Old Dirty and George Carlin + being a Canadian gives me the dark sence of humor that usually gets me in shyte. AS for musical taste…Music of choice is Drum & Bass.. any time of day or night. ill tell you Jim Morrison and Tha RZA have given me more of an english lesson than any teacher i have ever had and i am thankfull.
    “When the shit goes down, ya better be ready” “The next time someones teachin why don’t you get taught” “I draw first blood, be the first to set it off”

  3. About me…hmm…OK
    I don’t take myself too seriously; nor do I talk about myself excessively. I like to listen – hear folks out and impart a bit of advice when asked.
    I try to be as fair as possible and slow to react. I forgive easily, but I don’t forget much.
    Side note: Leave the kids, old people, the handicapped and animals ALONE. NOT COOL MAN!
    Lastly, I strive to be a little better than I was the day before.
    That’s all!

    1. Thank you for your response, I really appreciate it, this blog is only going to be good as those that support it and I thank you for your support so far. Be look out for more blogs, I’m moving full steam ahead with the Corner Politic movement and would greatly appreciate your continued support.

  4. John here, Big Daddy to my 3 daughters and lover/friend/protector/provider for my wife and those girls. Mince words, not me. Don’t like it don’t listen but if I’m showing respect for your opinion I expect the same from you. Composer of serious world music, blues, smooth jazz. Play EVERYTHING myself, no midi shit here….unless I’m doing orchestration. Music is the eye to your soul. Without it, communication breaks down and censorship creeps in. Nothing like saying it in a song. It’s the best therapy anyone can ask for.

    Love all, serve all. Respect is the one thing I feel folks must show for others; culturally we are all the same in that way. Family is the heart of my life and my soul belongs to God. Looking forward to sharing opinions and reading the ones I disagree with the most 🙂 Love to all of you!!

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